Create Dreamy Images with these 13 Light Overlays

Bokeh Collection


Bokeh Collection

Bokeh Collection


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Want to create magic?

Our BOKEH Collection consists of 13 different Bokeh Overlays that come in different sizes and colors. They are designed to bring the best out of all of your images and will make your image pop.

What we love most about the Bokeh effects is that it creates a very dreamy effect and are therefore a perfect fit for all image including lights.

Our favorite usage for the Bokeh overlays are darker images with warm lights in the background.

Bokeh Collection

Part of Light collection
15 $ One Time
  • 13 high quality bokeh effects
  • Video Tutorials included
  • Easy to use
  • Works on mobile & desktop
  • Fully customizable

Finally you can buy Individual packs separately

Bokeh Collection

13 high quality Bokeh effects that you can use freely in your projects. Take your images to the next level and add special effects very easily.

Your questions answered

What you need to know

The Light Collection pretty much can be used in all programs or apps, that are based on layers. The only option you will need to be able to use them is setting the blending mode to “Screen”. Examples for that are Photoshop, Gimp, Picsart, Photoleap and many more.

We do not offer refunds, exchanges or returns for digital products!

After buying the Light Collection you can directly download the zip file with our overlays.

To avoid this situation we’d of course always encourage you to double save the files on different hard drives BUT in case of you not being able to find them just make sure to send us an email HERE including your purchase details and order number so that we can resend the files to you.

Since they are normal JPEG or PNG files you can easily adjust the colors, shape and placement of them. You can also erase certain part if you prefer a different look.

Save close to 50% and get the bundle

70+ Light Overlays in one bundle

Total Value = $60

Today's price = 25$